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Sunnen Rod Hone and Equipment


Sunnen LBB-1660 Rod Hone
Includes hone, cabinet w/vise CRG-600, rod bearing press BP10K and a basic supply of mandrels
Mandrels include:
Rod Mandrels � 1.750� � 2.400� (5 mandrels)
Pin Mandrels � Set of KL Series
Piston Mandrels � Set of RYY & SYY
Hone is in great condition and very clean. It has been used in our pro stock engine shop for the past 5 years on a limited basis.
Price: $10,500

Sunnen Rod Heating Oven CRH-50
Price: $900

Sunnen Cap Grinder CRG-780
Price: $1,600


Peterson TCM-25 Valve Guide and Seat Machine

Peterson TCM-25 Guide and Seat Machine
Machine is in very clean condition and was used in our pro stock engine shop
Includes: Air table and tooling


Waterman Jet Flow Bench
Part #999010
This flow bench was used to flow jets in our pro stock engine shop for use at the track and on the dyno.
It is the only way to know exactly what changes you are making when tuning your engine!!
Bench is in great condition and looks like new!
Price: $3200


Winona Van Norman FG5000 Flywheel Grinder

Used in our pro stock engine shop on a limited basis
Includes stone to cut TMT coated clutch surfaces
Price: $4,500


AXE Hot Tank

Never Used with caustic cleaner

Price:  $2,000


AXE Rinse Tank

Price:  $1,200


Berco AC650M Boring Mill

Price:  $32,000


Cyclone Sand Blaster

Price:  $500


Hines Crankshaft Balancer HC-500

Price:  $10,000



Price:  $500


Ames Surface Hardness Tester

Model 2      #13819

Price:  $1,350


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